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We ask you to assign the copyright to the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), thus granting us all rights for the Work excepting those specified in RIGHTS OF AUTHORS, so that you as Author and the MAA as publisher may be protected from the consequences of unauthorized use.


COPYRIGHT ASSIGNMENT: Copyright to the Work (including without limitation, the right to publish the Work and abstract in whole or in part in any and all forms of media, now or hereafter known) is hereby transferred to the MAA as of the date of this agreement upon publication of the Work by the (name of journal).


WARRANTY: You affirm that the Work is original with you; that it is not concurrently submitted to another publication; that it contains no matter that is defamatory or is otherwise unlawful or that invades individual privacy or infringes any proprietary right or any statutory copyright; and you agree to indemnify and hold the MAA harmless against any claim to the contrary. You further affirm that the Work contains no materials the publication of which would violate any copyright.


RIGHTS OF AUTHORS: You, as Author:


                  1. Retain patent rights, if any.


                  2. May, after publication by the MAA, use all or part of the Work or its image in future Works of yours, including your personal and class web pages.


                  3. May make copies by any means of all or part of the Work for use in your own educational and scientific activities, but not for profit or commercial advantage. All copies must include MAA’s copyright notice (see over).



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