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Sections of the MAA

The membership of the Mathematical Association of America is divided into twenty-nine sections, in which much of the Association's activity is centered. Each Section holds a one- or two-day meeting each Fall or Spring, or both. These meetings consist of invited lectures, contributed papers, panel discussions, and other activities designed to promote and improve collegiate level mathematics. Programs of section meetings, if not available via the links below, may be obtained from the appropriate section secretary.

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Allegheny Mountain EPaDel Florida
Illinois Indiana Intermountain
Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana/Mississippi Maryland/DC/Virginia Metro New York
Michigan Missouri Nebraska/SE South Dakota
New Jersey North Central Northeastern
Golden (NoCaNvHi) Ohio Oklahoma/Arkansas
Pacific Northwest Rocky Mountain Seaway
Southeastern SoCal/Nevada Southwestern
Texas Wisconsin  

Many sections conduct activities that involve both high school and college students. These include conducting mathematics contests, advising state departments of education on teacher certification in the mathematical sciences, working with high schools and colleges on course content and curricula and providing lecturers to colleges and high schools.

A section consists of all MAA members who live in a specified geographical region of the United States and Canada.

Click here for a map of the section boundaries.

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