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The authors answer the question in the title of the paper. This result constitutes part of the output of an undergraduate summer research project by the second author under the supervision of...

In plane geometry, if a similarity is not an isometry, it is either a dilative rotation or a dilative reflection. A new proof is given based on Apollonius circles.

The authors discuss the existence of functions from the nonnegative reals to the nonnegative reals that satisfy the functional equation underlying Candido`s identity.

Hansheng Yang and Heng Yang used the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality to prove that the sequence \([1+1/n]^n\) is monotonic increasing converging to \(e\) whereas \([1+1/n]^{n+1}\) is...

A Fundamental-like Theorem of Algebra for exponential functions is discussed and proved.

The author discusses the question of when to add milk to coffee in order to maximize cooling.

The author discusses the distribution of solutions to a polynomial congruence as the modulus varies.
Primality testing via repeated differentiation of certain functions is the topic of this paper.

A solution to a probabilistic Putnam Exam Problem is presented.