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Knots and Borromean Rings, Rep-Tiles, and Eight Queens

Knots and Borromean Rings, Rep-Tiles, and Eight Queens

By Martin Gardner

Catalog Code: MGL-04
Print ISBN: 978-0-52175-871-0
240 pp., Paperbound, 2014
List Price: $16.99
Series: The New Martin Gardner Mathematical Library

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Martin Gardner's fifteen volumes about Mathematical Games are The Canon – timeless classics that are always worth reading and rereading. —Don Knuth

I recommend you approach this book on a Sunday afternoon with paper and pen a few biscuits for brain-power and a good hour to spare for puzzling. It is worth it. —Charlotte Mulcare, +plus Magazine

The hangman’s paradox, cat’s cradle, gambling, peg solitaire, pi and e—all these and more are back in Martin Gardner’s inimitable style, with updates on new developments and discoveries. Read about how knots and molecules are related; take a trip into the fourth dimension; try out new dissections of stars, crosses, and polygons; and challenge yourself with new twists on classic games.

This volume includes updates by Martin Gardner, Peter Renz, Greg Frederickson, and Erica Flapan. New illustrations have been included and replace some of the older illustrations. The references have been updated

Table of Contents

1. The Paradox of the Unexpected Hanging
2. Knots and Borromean Rings
3. The Transcendental Number e
4. Geometric Dissections
5. Scarne on Gambling
6. The Church of the Fourth Dimension
7. Eight Problems
8. A Matchbox Game-Learning Machine
9. Spirals
10. Rotations and Reflections
11. Peg Solitaire
12. Flatlands
13. Chicago Magic Convention
14. Tests of Divisibility
15. Nine Problems
16. The Eight Queens and Other Chessboard Diversions
17. A Loop of String
18. Curves of Constant Width
19. Rep-Tiles: Replicating Figures on the Plane
20. Thirsty-Six Catch Questions

About the Author

MAA members need no introduction to Martin Gardner. For three-quarters of a century he magically converted mathematics into play.(And, sometimes, playfully converted magic into mathematics.) His Scientific American columns inspired generations of mathematicians. He also made significant contributions to magic, philosophy, debunking pseudoscience, and children’s literature. He produced more than 60 books, including many best sellers, most of which are still in print, and wrote a regular column for the Skeptical Inquirer magazine from 1983 to 2002. His Annotated Alice has sold more than a million copies.

MAA Review

This is the fourth entry in the first complete collection of Martin Gardner's Mathematical Library, covering the entire twenty-five-year run of his Scientific American columns. Oddly, the cover and spine have no indication of this ordinal or the count of volumes. It is not immediately obvious this is part of a set.

The back cover does cite Don Knuth as saying that this material is “…always worth reading and rereading.” I agree. This edition contains extensively updated material from Gardner, so that the detailed afterwords and extensive bibliographies are often longer than the original columns. Continued...

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Knots and Borromean Rings, Rep-Tiles, and Eight Queens

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