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  • 4-29-1667

    John Arbuthnot born in Scotland. In 1710, he gave the first example of a mathematical statistical inference. In his day he was famous for his political satires.

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    John Arbuthnot
  • 4-29-1850

    William Edward Story born in Boston. He taught at Johns Hopkins with Sylvester and then moved on to Clark University, which had, during the early 1890s, the strongest mathematics department in the country. In the 1890s, he edited the short lived Mathematical Reviews.

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    William Edward Story
    James Joseph Sylvester
  • 4-29-1854

    Jules Henri Poincare born in France. He did important work in function theory, algebraic geometry, number theory, algebra, celestial mechanics, differential equations, mathematical physics, algebraic topology, and philosophy of mathematics. There may never be another universal mathematician like Poincare.

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    Henri Poincare