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Math Is a Skill

In a four-minute video, a math major who goes by "Mathematigal" explains that math is not magic, but rather a skill one can learn with practice.

Mathematigal runs down—with facial expressions worthy of a theater major—the reactions she gets upon disclosing that she has chosen to study math ("You must be a genius"), draws an analogy between math and an exercise in the composition of Russian poetry, and cautions against comparing oneself to perhaps better prepared classmates.   

The real take-home, though, is that math is a skill:

It's just like learning how to sing or dance or ride a bike or cook or something. You might make mistakes. You might find it's really hard. You might fall off the bike. But that doesn't mean that you will never learn how to do those things. It means that right now you need more practice. So practice.

(Well, maybe watch first. Then practice.)

Start Date: 
Thursday, November 14, 2013