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Exhibit Promotes Museum of Mathematics

January 14, 2010 

"Math Midway", the interactive exhibition that has been travelling to schools across the country, will be on display at the New York Hall of Science starting in February. 


Making its debut at the 2009 World Science Festival, "Math Midway" offered mathematical computation, unexpected mathematical results, and surprising mathematical ideas. 


Exhibits included tiles in the shape of monkeys; a maze requiring only left turns; and a circular track on which two bikes travelled with square wheels. There was also a polyhedral puzzle plaza, offering a mathematical playground of cubes, noodles, and connectors.


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The exhibition is part of an effort to garner interest in, and then establish, the first interactive Museum of Mathematics, which would be headquartered in New York City. This effort is spearheaded by Glen Whitney, a former algorithm manager at Renaissance Technologies.


For more, see Math in the News "Tours Show Math Around New York City and Promote Interactive Museum" (8/13/09). 


Source: MAA FOCUS (December2009/January 2010); Museum of Mathematics.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010