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Wall Street Needs Rocket Science

Wall Street Needs Rocket Scientists: Mathematics to the Rescue

Thomas Struppeck, Don Miller
June 6-10, 2006
Saint Mary’s College
South Bend, IN

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What can a mathematics department do to increase its attractiveness to undergraduates looking for a major? One possibility is offering courses or programs that prepare students for the financial services industry. Available jobs include actuarial jobs at insurance companies or in government, statistician positions, and financial engineering or “quant” jobs at investment banks and hedge funds. Additionally, consulting opportunities abound. In fact, mathematicians are some of the highest paid employees in the financial services industry.

In this workshop we will explore the nuts and bolts of program designs, as well as some of their mathematical content. The mathematical content includes some basics of interest theory, insurance theory, stochastic processes, applied credibility, and personal finance. Issues related to faculty preparation, course design and advising students will also be discussed. More information and workshop schedule