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Revitalizing you Developmental Mathematics Courses

Revitalizing Your Developmental Mathematics Courses: A Context-Driven, Activity- Based Approach

Gary Simundza, Nancy Crisler
June 18-23, 2006
Foothill Conference Center, UC-Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

Co-sponsored by Key College Publishing

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For many students, mathematics is best learned in the context of its use by real people in real jobs. Interesting applications motivate students to learn, and guided discovery helps them succeed in their learning. Yet many developmental mathematics curricula are lacking in such rich contexts.

This workshop is intended for instructors of developmental mathematics at the community college level who want to make a positive change in their courses. It is also appropriate for college and university faculty who are involved in developmental mathematics.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • use activities and investigations to introduce topics appropriate for developmental mathematics students;
  • use the mathematics that is introduced at the developmental level to model real-world contexts;
  • provide opportunities for students to collect data and create data-driven models;
  • use technology when appropriate in the developmental mathematics classroom;
  • provide opportunities for students to work effectively in groups and communicate about mathematics both orally and in writing;
  • use a variety of teaching and assessment methods that are appropriate in the developmental classroom.
Each day participants will be actively involved in exploring authentic real-world applications. They will experience a different approach to topics traditionally taught at the developmental level as well as additional topics that all students should understand and be able to use.

Discover a way to revitalize your curriculum, revitalize your teaching, and revitalize student learning. Come join the fun and experience an alternative that will work for you and your students. For more information, please visit the workshop webpage at