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Exploring Multi-variable Calculus Using Maple

Russell Blyth, Michael K. May
July 24-28, 2006
Online from Saint Louis University
Saint Louis, MO

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This workshop is designed for college and university teachers who are interested in using Maple as a pedagogical tool in their undergraduate classes. Specifically, the workshop focuses on using Maple in multivariable calculus, but the concepts and methods can be transferred (and have been transferred by the instructors) to other courses. No prior knowledge of Maple will be assumed – just bring a positive attitude about using computer software in the classroom.

Participants completing the workshop will:
  • obtain teaching materials for a course in multivariable calculus that uses active Maple worksheets as part of the classroom dynamics;
  • develop a comfort level with using Maple in teaching a multivariable calculus class;
  • learn how to develop their own Maple worksheets for teaching multivariable calculus or other classes; and
  • become a part of a network of other professors using Maple in their multivariable calculus classes.
The workshop will meet live online for three hours each day, broken into two one and a half hour sessions. Prior to attending the workshop, the participants will be expected to complete a short tutorial (provided by the presenters) on the basics of using Maple. During the workshop, specific Maple worksheets will be examined and discussed. Participants will work through these worksheets and discuss how they can be useful in helping students comprehend multivariable calculus concepts. By the end of the week, groups of participants will develop and present worksheets of their own. An electronic network will be set up for the participants that will provide a discussion forum on using software in multivariable calculus.

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