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Developing Internal Departmental Self-Studies

Developing Internal Departmental Self-Studies for Mathematical Sciences Departments

Nancy Baxter-Hastings
June 11-14, 2006
Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

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The MAA Guidelines for Programs and Departments in Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences recommends that “departments should participate at regular intervals in a process of periodic planning and evaluation.” A self-study provides an opportunity for department members, colleagues in partner disciplines and institutional administrators to discuss issues facing the department. Moreover, self-study is an on-going, dynamic process that does not end with production of a document or a visit by an outside evaluator.

The goal of this workshop is to help teams from mathematical science departments plan and lay the groundwork for undertaking an effective self-study of their departments. The teams will examine questions such as: How does a purposeful program review play out? How does a department plan ahead while looking back? How does a department take ownership of the process? How can a department create a habit of mind of on-going review and assessment and an on-going quest for excellence? How does a department overcome obstacles? How do members of a department develop an openness and willingness to change? How does a department dovetail its self-study with institutional priorities, financial realities, strategic plans, and so on?

To help the institutional teams achieve their goals, colleagues experienced in undertaking departmental reviews and conducting outside evaluations will serve as presenters during the workshop and as mentors during the following year. Additionally, a group of colleagues training to be outside evaluators will meet jointly with the institutional teams to discuss common areas of interest and case studies that illustrate issues and complications that may arise.

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