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Biocalculus: Designing Calculus Courses for Life Science Majors

Biocalculus: Designing Calculus Courses for Life Science Majors

Timothy D. Comar, Mike Martin
June 1-7, 2008
Benedictine University
Lisle, IL

Registration Fee: $325 by April 20, $450 after

Reports including BIO 2010: Transforming Undergraduate Education for Future Research Biologists (National Research Council, 2003) and Math and BIO 2010 (L. A. Steen, ed., MAA, 2005) emphasize that aspects of bio­logical research are becoming more quantitative and that there is a need to introduce future life science researchers to a greater array of mathematical and computational techniques and more sophisticated mathematical reasoning. Biocalculus (calculus for the life sciences) courses can provide an effective way to introduce lower-level undergraduates majoring in the life sciences to significant applications of mathematics to biology. This workshop is designed to help mathemati­cians at both four-year and two-year institutions design and implement biocalculus courses and integrate biological applications into existing calculus courses. Presenters include both mathematicians and biologists who have experience teaching, designing, and support­ing biocalculus courses. Participants will participate in a variety of lectures, discussions, and hands-on computer laboratory activities. Participants will be introduced to different biocalculus course structures and the issues related to implementing such courses. Participants will explore sample course projects using a variety of computational platforms. Participants will also learn ways to develop collaborations with biologists to best integrate mathematics and biology into their calculus courses. Upon conclusion of this workshop, the participants will be able to create or modify biocalculus courses, create or adapt computer laboratory projects for use in their calculus courses, and utilize available resources for integrating biological content into calculus courses. No previous experience with biology or biomathematics is required. This workshop is endorsed by the MAA Special Interest Group on Mathematical and Computational Biology (BIO SIGMAA).

For additional information visit The Society for Mathematical Biology will provide a lim­ited amount of travel support for participants in need.

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