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Megan Christensen

Megan Christensen's Picture Is In Hiding

Megan Christensen

BS Economics, 2006
Saint Michael's College

BS Mathematics, 2006
Saint Michael's College
Risk Analyst
Travelers Insurance

From a very young age, I have always been fascinated by numbers and the challenge and satisfaction of solving complex problems. When I began college, there was no question in my mind that I wanted to major in mathematics and have a career in pure mathematics. However, when a scheduling conflict during the second semester of my freshman year led me to an introductory course in economics, my career ambitions changed. As I began taking additional economics courses throughout the rest of my time in college, I began to realize the power of applied mathematics in a business setting.

I decided to major in economics in addition to mathematics and pursue a career in the business world. The summer after I graduated, I took a job working for Travelers Insurance as a Pricing Analyst where I was responsible for trending losses and premiums in order to determine the adequate rate level for a given state. This position allowed me to use the skills I gained from both mathematics, the trending of losses and premium, and economics, the business decision for a rate change.

A year later, I received a promotion and now I work as a Risk Analyst on the Catastrophe Management team. As a Risk Analyst, I do statistical modeling of catastrophic risks and help to create initiatives to reduce that risk. This position, as with my previous one, allows me to use my mathematics to make decisions that effect the bottom line of the business.

I am now looking to expand on the solid foundation that my degrees in mathematics and economics have supplied by continuing my education. In spring 2009, I will begin working on a Master's of Science degree in Applied Financial Mathematics. This degree will further help me develop the skills necessary to use my mathematics to make decisions for a business and will help to advance my current career.